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Travertine can make a beautiful looking floor tile; if properly cleaned and maintained it will last a lifetime. It can, however, begin to look dirty and stained if not looked after or the wrong cleaning products are used to staining, scratching and etching. All of which dull the surface polish and detract from the natural beauty of your travertine floor.

Able Stonecare UK will fix this damage by cleaning, polishing and repairing cracks and chips; a full travertine floor restoration service is offered if required to bring your stone back to life.

There are different forms of travertine tiles on sale such as tumbled and filled etc which are restored using different processes. We take care to advise you which method would suit your requirements best.

We use the best professional cleaning and grinding machinery along with the best quality diamond abrasives to carry out our restoration process, along with high quality sealers to compliment your floor on completion. Cleaning travertine is a hugely rewarding process.

When the floor has been restored, a maintenance plan can be installed to keep your floor in tip top condition. We can also supply you with cleaning solutions for your day to day maintenance.

We also restore travertine wall tiles, tables, vanity units please call to discuss your requirements.

After initial contact we will arrange to carry out a onsite survey to discuss everything with you and inspect the areas to be cleaned please do not ask for a estimate over the phone as all stone floors are different so are priced accordingly after the survey.