Stone can be used for worktops in kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms and bars, stairs, door steps, fireplaces, windowsills, headstones and sculptures.

These can become damaged over time and with use which may result in cracks, chips, staining, dullness or the edges can become damaged. Many people live with these problems, not knowing that they can be fixed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Stone repairs are long-lasting and in most cases are almost invisible. Some stones are more difficult to repair invisibly than others as different angles and lighting conditions can reveal slight imperfections; naturally we make every effort to repair your worktop or table without the repair showing.

Chips and scratches: these can be repaired by stone specific fillers.

Marks and rings: chemical repairs and buffing can give great results with minimum disruption and cost. Severe markings may require a re-polishing programme; but all necessary work will be fully discussed and quoted for prior to the work commencing.

Cracks: if a crack appears in your stone worktop or table it is important to identify the cause so that, once fixed, the problem does not re-occur. All options will then be discussed in the aim of finding the best possible outcome within your budget.

We provide comprehensive stone restoration services including re-polishing, re-sealing, stain removal, cleaning and general maintenance. We work hard to provide you with detail, so that you are kept well-informed throughout the process.

We use the best technologies available to achieve the best results; our time-served knowledge enables us to offer a fully tailored service for your striking stone.

Intensive training and experience has allowed us to specialise in this area. We are confident that we are the best-served experts to deal with repairing stone.

A TOP TIP that we offer is to take your time when undertaking such a job. Time invested in getting the process exactly right and not rushing will pay dividends to the end result.