With our time-served experience we have had the opportunity to complete a huge range of stone restoration work throughout Berkshire. No two jobs are ever the same and this allows us the benefit of pooling our resources to achieve the best possible clean for each and every client.

Stone Repair SloughWe were asked to restore these limestone tiles in Windsor; the grout lines had become ingrained with dirt and the homeowner felt as though they were looking worn and tired. The first picture shows the limestone floors before we ground the floor flat. We then used our specialist stone restoration machinery to grind and hone the floor.

Stone Grinding:

This process stripped back the surface of the existing limestone flooring. This efficiently removed any of its remaining coatings and eliminates any other issues such as scuffs and scratches.

Honing Stone:

This is an incredibly intricate process; to create a honed surface leaves a slightly matte finish. Each stone varies in the process of honing so this can be managed either through using honing powders or, in some cases, grinding with very fine diamonds will create a honed appearance.

Stone Restoration BerkshireThis picture shows the end result; the stone floor had a lovely smooth finish with exactly the right amount of sheen that the customer required. We discussed this in depth prior to any work commencing and our customer was elated with how her tiles were restored.

Due to the different finishes that are available through stone restoration, part of our comprehensive services is to tailor our work to match the individual requirements of our clients. This not only shows testament to our superior services, but it means that our clients are dealing with the best-served experts within the Berkshire area and beyond.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss stone cleaning or stone repairs, please contact us on 0800 695 7770. We will arrange a free, no obligation quotation which gives us the opportunity to discuss the achievable results.