Stone Types WokinghamIt is great to see that home owners are increasingly finding creative and individual ways of incorporating natural stone into the design of their homes. It is a far superior flooring material, held in high regard. This is because its’ unique characteristics and durability.

It is inevitable that daily usage will leave stone tiles marred. Our specialist stone cleaning and restoration processes are tailored to offer hygienically clean, polished stone flooring. Specialized product formulations are imperative. The effect of different chemical compounds vary, depending on different stone types.

Limestone Tiles BerkshireEmploying the services of our professional provision will avoid any damage to your striking stone and usage of best-available products will positively complement our stone polishing process. This was certainly the case with this limestone polishing job that we completed in Berkshire.

Our industrial equipment enabled us to achieve the highest possible shine. Stone polishing leaves natural stone floors much more hard-wearing and durable than an untreated stone tile. The stone finish is resistant against dirt, grit and liquid and leaves the floor protected against corrosive factors.

Stone Types BerkshireThe natural beauty of this limestone floor was revealed; our client wanted a high-sheen finish. This forms part of our superior services in that we are able to tailor our approach to ensure that your exact look is achieved. Tastes are individual and it is important that your stone floor boasts your preference.

The result is a chemically hardened and sealed, attractive floor. Detailed knowledge of the intricacies of stone floor polishing is a definite requirement when approaching restoration projects. Correctly managed, this process will leave you with a reduction in maintenance and a beautiful floor.

If you have any questions about restoring limestone tiles we invite you to call us on 0800 695 7770.