These images show a recent job that we surveyed for in Maidenhead. The owner of this property had tried to flatten these limestone tiles with an angle grinder.

Stone Finishes MaidenheadThis is a prime example of how do-it-yourself stone restoration can go terribly wrong. We were invited to view the floor tiles to identify whether they could be saved.

This shows the importance of specialist equipment and knowledge that can offer brilliant results, without exception.

The limestone floor needed to be fully ground. The way in which this process is completed creates a seamlessly even floor.

Able Stonecare UK Ltd know how to restore stone floors correctly and with great effect. The end result was limestone flooring that looked nothing like it did when we first arrived.

We were able to smooth the tiles, bring out the natural colouration and produce a striking floor that is long-lasting and durable, as required by the entrance of the hallway.

Stone Cleaning MaidenheadWhilst we feel strongly that our clients are well-informed about the stone restoration process we also feel confident that our skill and expertise will undoubtedly produce the best possible finish. Our advice is to trust in our professional approach and service.

The following areas should be carefully considered prior to contemplating DIY stone restoration:

  • Possible damage to the surface of the stone tile
  • Incorrect usage of product formulations such as that to repair or clean the floor
  • Insufficient knowledge of the process; leaving uneven finishes and dull spots
  • Inappropriate selection of a stone sealing product

It is very clear that restoration process demands a varied skillset and a tailored approach. Our clients were so pleased with the results and regretted thinking that they were able to take on such a job.

If you have a limestone floor that requires similar care we invite you to enquire today on 0800 695 7770.