Limestone Tile Cleaning NewburyLimestone is a high quality luxurious stone that comes in so many different variations.

As it is very similar to marble, albeit softer, the same problems can occur if not properly cleaned and maintained. If the correct maintenance and cleaning products are used, it will look great for a lifetime.

It can, however, become stained, scratched and etched; all of which cause the surface to become dull and appear dirty. Stains can cause a problem which can be removed using a specialist poultice process. If this has happened to your Limestone floor, limestone table or limestone countertop, then let Able Stonecare enable it to live again.Limestone Floor Tiles Newbury

At Able Stonecare we can fix the problems to limestone that are caused by using incorrect products to clean, repairing cracks and chips and extensive limestone floor restorations, even newly laid floors that have excessive lippage that needs to be removed.

We use specialist grinding and cleaning machinery and high quality diamond abrasives to carry out a limestone floor restoration, and limestone countertop restoration.

When your floor restoration is complete we can arrange a maintenance program, tailored to your floors needs and also supply you with the appropriate cleaning solution for everyday maintenance. We invite any enquiries about limestone cleaning.

An incredible limestone variation can be seen in the below pictures. Blue limestone is a charismatic stone, used as statement-pieces of contemporary home designs to the most traditional and refined decors.

It is a multi-faceted stone type and is available in distinctive colour varieties as well as finishes. This allows an individuality that will likely last a lifetime.

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