Able Stonecare UK’s cleaning process will clean grout lines but it may not remove soaked in stains. This is when we recommend applying a colour sealer.

What is Grout Recolouring?

Grout recolouring is an epoxy sealer which is applied to the old stained grout joints transforming the look of your floors.

Why recolour your grout?

Cleaning and recolouring of grout is one of our most popular services.

We have had fantastic results in homes, hospitals and restaurants. It can be used any where there is a persistent grubby grout problem, particularly if presentation and hygiene standards are of high importance.

It brings all grout back to a consistent colour (colour chart available).

It will not stain because being an epoxy coating makes porous grout, non porous. That’s why we guarantee the product for upto 10 years.

Recolouring old floor grout will give you better and faster results than regrouting and it improves hygiene as the grout will no longer be porous.

Able Stonecare UK aim to provide a service that is tailored to suit your requirements and expectations. We have a wealth of experience and information that will allow us to provide you with advice that will give you the best results.

It is of upmost importance that the service we provide alongside the cleaning services are of the highest quality achievable. If you have any questions about our services or the processes we use please contact us on 0800 695 7770.

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It is regularly seen that individuals live with dirty grout lines for much longer than is necessary. It comes down to the fact that information about this service is not readily available. This is why we feel it so important to discuss this provision with our clients.

This then enables them to make an informed decision based on the results they require. The service has really taken off and is only made available by best-served professionals. Call today to find out more.