You may be aware of the most recent ‘buzz’ word in stone floor restoration as being all about concrete! As with many other floor coverings there are waves of popularity and it is most definitely concentrated around concrete floors at the moment.

Do you want to know the truth?

Whilst a concrete floor is likely to offer aesthetic benefits it is sometimes a second consideration of the practicality of maintaining it. Could a concrete floor suit a home or business environment? Here’s some information that my help you decide:

Concrete Grinding BerkshireAre concrete floors cold?

Concrete, as a material, can be cold but no more so than other ceramic tile or natural stone alternatives. Concrete is able to store heat so is compatible with underfloor heating and even other heat sources such as direct sunlight.

Is concrete floor know to crack?

Some would agree that this is possibly the biggest drawback to a concrete floor. There is potential for cracking but again this is comparable to other stone types. Whether or not this is an objection comes from whether you are looking for a rustic-style appearance or not. Remember: stone repair services provide an exceptional solution to this!

Is concrete flooring expensive?

Again, it is important to compare concrete to other stone flooring and when compared with these, concrete offers an economic alternative. Another vital element is the longevity and durability of this surface as it can stand the test of time and will be much more long-lasting in comparison to other floor coverings.

Don’t forget that concrete floors are easily maintained and we offer comprehensive information and advice after the restoration process. We are specialist concrete polishing experts serving the Berkshire area. Please call today on 0800 695 7770 with any questions.