Restoring Terrazzo Flooring Berkshire

We were invited to survey this Victorian Terrazzo floor. It was unveiled after the current owners removed an old carpet. On discussion it turns out that the stone floor had been hidden under carpet since the 1970’s.

Restoring Terrazzo Floors ReadingTerrazzo Floor BerkshireFortunately the current owners could imagine what it would be like after professional stone restoration. The first image shows a small portion of the floor that we started to restore. This offers a clear comparison to the dirty and stained surrounding stone.

The images show the intricacy of the design that was found. The centre part of the floor was trimmed with the most detailed and beautiful design. As the restoration process progressed, the floor was transformed.

It became evident that once the floor had been finished that it really would complement its surrounding décor.

When the floor was uncovered it was nearly impossible to see all of the different components of the Terrazzo. There was so much build up and dirt that you were not able to see the many different colours within the floor.

The end result was a fabulously finished Terrazzo floor to be proud of. It offered a unique and worthy statement on entering the property. Do you live in a home that could possibly be hiding a stone floor underneath your existing floor covering?

Cleaning Terrazzo SloughWhy Is Terrazzo So Popular?

  • It is extremely durable
  • Its care routine is simple and straightforward
  • It offers beautiful design
  • It is an eco-friendly material

With these elements in mind it is easy to understand why this stone type remains to have a top-quality legacy that will see its popularity will continue for many years.

If you would like to enquire about our stone cleaning and stone floor restoration provisions please call today on 0800 695 7770. We will always do all we can to offer the best-available service; your custom is very much valued.

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Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo Floor WindsorTerrazzo floors are extremely durable and this is why they are widely used in supermarkets and shopping centres, however, old examples can need extensive stone repair work in order to restore them to their former glory.

Holes where stone chippings have come loose may need filling and a loss of lustre will mean the need for diamond grinding and polishing is inevitable.

Because it contains natural stone, usually marble, it can be polished to a high shine and then treated with a penetrative sealer in order to protect it from staining and discoloration. This can be discussed fully to work within a specified budget, no matter how large or small the area.

Once fully restored, it can be maintained very easily with regular dry and wet mopping, or as is more common in commercial environments, scrubber-dryer usage.Terrazzo Flooring Wiltshire

– It is important to remember, however, that the presence of calcite based aggregates, such as marble, in most Terrazzo floors makes it susceptible to etching.

– It is important that acid spills are wiped up promptly to avoid the  etching and loss of shine to the floor.

If your Terrazzo floor is looking dull, is damaged or hasn’t been re-sealed for many years give Able Stonecare UK the call to enable your stone to live again. We look forward to the challenge of working to restore your beautiful stone floor.