Terracotta Tile Cleaning WiltshireTerracotta tiles has links to warmer climates and are a natural, warming and durable stone type. It retains heat and is ideal for spaces with under floor heating systems; Terracotta is an eye-catching and tasteful alternative.

Terracotta flooring can be fully stripped which acts as preparation for the stone sealing process. Sealing stone can be a complicated process but at Able Stonecare UK we take the time to discuss your options with you.

This may include testing sealers on spare tiles during your consultation; correct application is imperative and will provide water-resistance for your tiles. Liquid will essentially lay on top of the surface instead of penetrating into the stone and possibly leaving water marks that can be difficult to remove and will be unsightly.

If, for whatever reason, your stone tiling has not been sealed on installation, Able Stonecare UK will meticulously clean your tiles prior to the sealing process.

Able Stonecare UK ensure the process of stone restoration in your home or business is fast, efficient and that you as a home or business owner are kept well-informed throughout the process.

We won’t blind you with the science of stone cleaning; but we will be happy to discuss the necessary aspects of the work that will enable you to make an informed decision that will produce the results you are looking for whilst working within your specified budget.