Stone Cleaning Maidenhead

These images show a recent job that we surveyed for in Maidenhead. The owner of this property had tried to flatten these limestone tiles with an angle grinder.

Stone Finishes MaidenheadThis is a prime example of how do-it-yourself stone restoration can go terribly wrong. We were invited to view the floor tiles to identify whether they could be saved.

This shows the importance of specialist equipment and knowledge that can offer brilliant results, without exception.

The limestone floor needed to be fully ground. The way in which this process is completed creates a seamlessly even floor.

Able Stonecare UK Ltd know how to restore stone floors correctly and with great effect. The end result was limestone flooring that looked nothing like it did when we first arrived.

We were able to smooth the tiles, bring out the natural colouration and produce a striking floor that is long-lasting and durable, as required by the entrance of the hallway.

Stone Cleaning MaidenheadWhilst we feel strongly that our clients are well-informed about the stone restoration process we also feel confident that our skill and expertise will undoubtedly produce the best possible finish. Our advice is to trust in our professional approach and service.

The following areas should be carefully considered prior to contemplating DIY stone restoration:

  • Possible damage to the surface of the stone tile
  • Incorrect usage of product formulations such as that to repair or clean the floor
  • Insufficient knowledge of the process; leaving uneven finishes and dull spots
  • Inappropriate selection of a stone sealing product

It is very clear that restoration process demands a varied skillset and a tailored approach. Our clients were so pleased with the results and regretted thinking that they were able to take on such a job.

If you have a limestone floor that requires similar care we invite you to enquire today on 0800 695 7770.

Matt Finish Limestone Tiles Berkshire

Stone finishes that can be achieved with professional stone restoration are varied. An exciting element of our work is that we are able to provide our valued clients with advice on their chosen finish.

One stone finish will require different care than another so it is important that our clients are left well-informed so that they are aware of the best product formulations and techniques to maintain their stone floor.

Limestone Tiles BerkshireWhen we surveyed these limestone tiles we found out that they had been neglected by the previous home owner. The new owner wanted a matt finish so we offered advice that a honed finish would be most suitable. This achieved a clean, smooth and striking appearance.

A honed stone finish is perfectly suited to use in bathrooms, kitchens and utilities such as the floor in this property. Some feel that a honed tile also creates a unique, even surface that works to highlight the natural look of a tile.

It is also believed that honed limestone floors are more practical and better suited to high traffic areas of a property.

Stone Finishes BerkshireWe have heavily invested in best-available stone restoration machinery and use our in-depth knowledge to carefully select the best product formulations to work in conjunction with this.

We have built up a well-respected local reputation for providing superior finishes and exceptional customer service. This pays testament to our skilled technicians who have a clear passion for stone floor restoration.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer for stone floors, stone worktops and other stone products within your home or business we invite you to call our helpful staff on 0800 695 7770.

Our client was incredibly pleased with the results that we achieved and commented on our professionalism.

Stone Polishing Wokingham

Stone Types WokinghamIt is great to see that home owners are increasingly finding creative and individual ways of incorporating natural stone into the design of their homes. It is a far superior flooring material, held in high regard. This is because its’ unique characteristics and durability.

It is inevitable that daily usage will leave stone tiles marred. Our specialist stone cleaning and restoration processes are tailored to offer hygienically clean, polished stone flooring. Specialized product formulations are imperative. The effect of different chemical compounds vary, depending on different stone types.

Limestone Tiles BerkshireEmploying the services of our professional provision will avoid any damage to your striking stone and usage of best-available products will positively complement our stone polishing process. This was certainly the case with this limestone polishing job that we completed in Berkshire.

Our industrial equipment enabled us to achieve the highest possible shine. Stone polishing leaves natural stone floors much more hard-wearing and durable than an untreated stone tile. The stone finish is resistant against dirt, grit and liquid and leaves the floor protected against corrosive factors.

Stone Types BerkshireThe natural beauty of this limestone floor was revealed; our client wanted a high-sheen finish. This forms part of our superior services in that we are able to tailor our approach to ensure that your exact look is achieved. Tastes are individual and it is important that your stone floor boasts your preference.

The result is a chemically hardened and sealed, attractive floor. Detailed knowledge of the intricacies of stone floor polishing is a definite requirement when approaching restoration projects. Correctly managed, this process will leave you with a reduction in maintenance and a beautiful floor.

If you have any questions about restoring limestone tiles we invite you to call us on 0800 695 7770.

Limestone Cleaning Reading

Limestone tiles are very popular and they are available in such a huge range of varying colours, textures and styles that it is easy to produce a stone floor that is incredibly individual and striking in appearance.

We were asked to fully restore this limestone flooring in Reading; when we completed the initial consultation the client discussed their frustration with the build-up of dirt in the grout lines. They felt like the tiles had lost all their lustre and were no longer as attractive as they were when they were laid.

Cleaning Limestone Tiles BerkshireWe spent time discussing the options with our client and this advice was tailored around the tile type, the individual requirements of our customer and to offer the best and most long-lasting finish possible. These tiles, as the images show, were laid in the kitchen so an important part of our process is to make sure that the products that we use are suitable for this environment.

We are careful to protect all furniture, skirting and surrounds during the stone restoration process. We have knowledge and experience with the trade products that assist to offer a far superior finish. So many of our clients put up with dull, dirty and scratched stone flooring for far too long. Our pricing is transparent and competitive and we aim to offer the best-possible standards with the promise of continued customer support.

Limestone Cleaning ReadingThe after image shows the transformation of this stunning limestone floor. Natural stone tiles are incredibly porous and this means that any liquid spills can etch the stone. They need to be appropriately sealed to offer resistance against this and to this sealant will repel mildew build-up in the grout lines.

Clean grout lines and restored stone are truly beautiful and we offer a grout re-colouring service for those clients who require it. Have you got questions about our services?

We are Berkshire’s most reputable stone cleaning and stone restoration Company; please feel free to call on 0800 695 7770.

Stone Restoration Windsor

With our time-served experience we have had the opportunity to complete a huge range of stone restoration work throughout Berkshire. No two jobs are ever the same and this allows us the benefit of pooling our resources to achieve the best possible clean for each and every client.

Stone Repair SloughWe were asked to restore these limestone tiles in Windsor; the grout lines had become ingrained with dirt and the homeowner felt as though they were looking worn and tired. The first picture shows the limestone floors before we ground the floor flat. We then used our specialist stone restoration machinery to grind and hone the floor.

Stone Grinding:

This process stripped back the surface of the existing limestone flooring. This efficiently removed any of its remaining coatings and eliminates any other issues such as scuffs and scratches.

Honing Stone:

This is an incredibly intricate process; to create a honed surface leaves a slightly matte finish. Each stone varies in the process of honing so this can be managed either through using honing powders or, in some cases, grinding with very fine diamonds will create a honed appearance.

Stone Restoration BerkshireThis picture shows the end result; the stone floor had a lovely smooth finish with exactly the right amount of sheen that the customer required. We discussed this in depth prior to any work commencing and our customer was elated with how her tiles were restored.

Due to the different finishes that are available through stone restoration, part of our comprehensive services is to tailor our work to match the individual requirements of our clients. This not only shows testament to our superior services, but it means that our clients are dealing with the best-served experts within the Berkshire area and beyond.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss stone cleaning or stone repairs, please contact us on 0800 695 7770. We will arrange a free, no obligation quotation which gives us the opportunity to discuss the achievable results.


Limestone Tile Cleaning NewburyLimestone is a high quality luxurious stone that comes in so many different variations.

As it is very similar to marble, albeit softer, the same problems can occur if not properly cleaned and maintained. If the correct maintenance and cleaning products are used, it will look great for a lifetime.

It can, however, become stained, scratched and etched; all of which cause the surface to become dull and appear dirty. Stains can cause a problem which can be removed using a specialist poultice process. If this has happened to your Limestone floor, limestone table or limestone countertop, then let Able Stonecare enable it to live again.Limestone Floor Tiles Newbury

At Able Stonecare we can fix the problems to limestone that are caused by using incorrect products to clean, repairing cracks and chips and extensive limestone floor restorations, even newly laid floors that have excessive lippage that needs to be removed.

We use specialist grinding and cleaning machinery and high quality diamond abrasives to carry out a limestone floor restoration, and limestone countertop restoration.

When your floor restoration is complete we can arrange a maintenance program, tailored to your floors needs and also supply you with the appropriate cleaning solution for everyday maintenance. We invite any enquiries about limestone cleaning.

An incredible limestone variation can be seen in the below pictures. Blue limestone is a charismatic stone, used as statement-pieces of contemporary home designs to the most traditional and refined decors.

It is a multi-faceted stone type and is available in distinctive colour varieties as well as finishes. This allows an individuality that will likely last a lifetime.

Blue Limestone ReadingBlue Limestone Flooring Maidenhead