Restoring Terrazzo Flooring Berkshire

We were invited to survey this Victorian Terrazzo floor. It was unveiled after the current owners removed an old carpet. On discussion it turns out that the stone floor had been hidden under carpet since the 1970’s.

Restoring Terrazzo Floors ReadingTerrazzo Floor BerkshireFortunately the current owners could imagine what it would be like after professional stone restoration. The first image shows a small portion of the floor that we started to restore. This offers a clear comparison to the dirty and stained surrounding stone.

The images show the intricacy of the design that was found. The centre part of the floor was trimmed with the most detailed and beautiful design. As the restoration process progressed, the floor was transformed.

It became evident that once the floor had been finished that it really would complement its surrounding décor.

When the floor was uncovered it was nearly impossible to see all of the different components of the Terrazzo. There was so much build up and dirt that you were not able to see the many different colours within the floor.

The end result was a fabulously finished Terrazzo floor to be proud of. It offered a unique and worthy statement on entering the property. Do you live in a home that could possibly be hiding a stone floor underneath your existing floor covering?

Cleaning Terrazzo SloughWhy Is Terrazzo So Popular?

  • It is extremely durable
  • Its care routine is simple and straightforward
  • It offers beautiful design
  • It is an eco-friendly material

With these elements in mind it is easy to understand why this stone type remains to have a top-quality legacy that will see its popularity will continue for many years.

If you would like to enquire about our stone cleaning and stone floor restoration provisions please call today on 0800 695 7770. We will always do all we can to offer the best-available service; your custom is very much valued.

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Intriguing Information about Spectacular Stone

It is difficult to argue with the fact that stone floors are one of the most unique and versatile flooring types. You are not usually provided with the opportunity of such variation whilst guaranteeing quality and longevity.

It is quite correct that a unique selling point for stone flooring is that it can be restored if worn or damaged. Other flooring types can be cleaned but as far as transformations; stone tiles really do offer an unrivalled ‘wow’ factor.

The following video has been put together in order to discuss individual details about stone floor restoration. It is so important that existing and future clients are aware of this incredible provision. Too many floors are unnecessarily looking worn and lifeless; we aim to arm individuals with information that will help their floors to look greater for longer.

Point 1: daily wear is inevitable. Even the most careful and clean individuals cannot completely stop the deterioration of any natural stone floor. Particles are brought in from outside that act as an abrasive on your floors. Temperature fluctuations and levels of moisture can also alter the appearance of your tiles. Dullness, scrapes or even cracks can be repaired and restored to look like new.

Point 2: this point extends from point one as dirty grout lines are almost unavoidable. Whilst completing routine cleaning of stone tiles, dirt, particles, dust and moisture is pushed into the slightly indented grout lines. Stone restoration deep cleans grout lines so that they are left gleamingly clean and even stain repellent.

Are you intrigued to find out more? The above video goes into more points and further detail. With this you will be equipped with valuable information on how to deal with stone flooring to get the best from it.

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The Truths about Concrete Floors Berkshire

The below information offers a well-rounded and independent view of concrete floors and the process of concrete polishing that can skilfully restore this floor type to like-new.

This combined with easy maintenance can show evidence as to why this floor covering has been, and remains to be so popular within homes and businesses.

Polishing concrete floors Berkshire

Are you looking to restore your concrete floor? Call today on 0800 695 7770.

Concrete Polishing Berkshire

You may be aware of the most recent ‘buzz’ word in stone floor restoration as being all about concrete! As with many other floor coverings there are waves of popularity and it is most definitely concentrated around concrete floors at the moment.

Do you want to know the truth?

Whilst a concrete floor is likely to offer aesthetic benefits it is sometimes a second consideration of the practicality of maintaining it. Could a concrete floor suit a home or business environment? Here’s some information that my help you decide:

Concrete Grinding BerkshireAre concrete floors cold?

Concrete, as a material, can be cold but no more so than other ceramic tile or natural stone alternatives. Concrete is able to store heat so is compatible with underfloor heating and even other heat sources such as direct sunlight.

Is concrete floor know to crack?

Some would agree that this is possibly the biggest drawback to a concrete floor. There is potential for cracking but again this is comparable to other stone types. Whether or not this is an objection comes from whether you are looking for a rustic-style appearance or not. Remember: stone repair services provide an exceptional solution to this!

Is concrete flooring expensive?

Again, it is important to compare concrete to other stone flooring and when compared with these, concrete offers an economic alternative. Another vital element is the longevity and durability of this surface as it can stand the test of time and will be much more long-lasting in comparison to other floor coverings.

Don’t forget that concrete floors are easily maintained and we offer comprehensive information and advice after the restoration process. We are specialist concrete polishing experts serving the Berkshire area. Please call today on 0800 695 7770 with any questions.

Stone Floor Restoration Details You Should Know

Although other floor coverings can be cleaned, the deep restoration of stone cleaning provides unrivalled finishes in terms of restoration to like-new.

Stone Restoration Berkshire

Professionally restored stone flooring provides a stunning statement for all the right reasons and detail of the above points will leave you well-informed.

Stone restorers are considered skilled craftsmen and this is a reputation that is both well-earned and well-deserved. We take great pride in our work. Call today to arrange a FREE quotation: 0800 695 7770.

Stone Cleaning Maidenhead

These images show a recent job that we surveyed for in Maidenhead. The owner of this property had tried to flatten these limestone tiles with an angle grinder.

Stone Finishes MaidenheadThis is a prime example of how do-it-yourself stone restoration can go terribly wrong. We were invited to view the floor tiles to identify whether they could be saved.

This shows the importance of specialist equipment and knowledge that can offer brilliant results, without exception.

The limestone floor needed to be fully ground. The way in which this process is completed creates a seamlessly even floor.

Able Stonecare UK Ltd know how to restore stone floors correctly and with great effect. The end result was limestone flooring that looked nothing like it did when we first arrived.

We were able to smooth the tiles, bring out the natural colouration and produce a striking floor that is long-lasting and durable, as required by the entrance of the hallway.

Stone Cleaning MaidenheadWhilst we feel strongly that our clients are well-informed about the stone restoration process we also feel confident that our skill and expertise will undoubtedly produce the best possible finish. Our advice is to trust in our professional approach and service.

The following areas should be carefully considered prior to contemplating DIY stone restoration:

  • Possible damage to the surface of the stone tile
  • Incorrect usage of product formulations such as that to repair or clean the floor
  • Insufficient knowledge of the process; leaving uneven finishes and dull spots
  • Inappropriate selection of a stone sealing product

It is very clear that restoration process demands a varied skillset and a tailored approach. Our clients were so pleased with the results and regretted thinking that they were able to take on such a job.

If you have a limestone floor that requires similar care we invite you to enquire today on 0800 695 7770.

Stone Cleaning Products Berkshire

We are excited to announce the formal launch of the sale of some stone cleaning and restoration products that we feel will keep your stone floors looking at their best.

There is an exceptionally large range of stone cleaning products available and it is easy to get blinded by science.

Through discussions with our clients it has become evident that they have purchased products with the understanding that they will offer a brilliant clean just to be disappointed with the results they achieve.

It was clear to use that there was a niche market for cleaning products that come with the recommendation of our trade-recognised name.

Stone SealersWe offer a range of products including:

  • Grout sealing products
  • Stone Impregnator products
  • Worktop cleaning products
  • Stone cleaning products
  • Stone sealing products

Through our extensive knowledge we have selected products that we feel confident will offer a brilliant clean. These products work to ensure that our stone restoration results are maintained and that your stone flooring is kept looking at its best for longer.

We are happy to offer information and advice on the product range that you can now purchase directly throughout our website. Buying the best products could never be easier!

The individual products have information and detail on the methods of use and expected coverage. Each product offers a warranty which is provided as testament to the product formulations.

If you would like to find out more about these products please feel free to contact our friendly staff on 0800 695 7770. We will be happy to offer advice or to organise a free, no obligation quotation so that you can meet with our skilled technicians.

Matt Finish Limestone Tiles Berkshire

Stone finishes that can be achieved with professional stone restoration are varied. An exciting element of our work is that we are able to provide our valued clients with advice on their chosen finish.

One stone finish will require different care than another so it is important that our clients are left well-informed so that they are aware of the best product formulations and techniques to maintain their stone floor.

Limestone Tiles BerkshireWhen we surveyed these limestone tiles we found out that they had been neglected by the previous home owner. The new owner wanted a matt finish so we offered advice that a honed finish would be most suitable. This achieved a clean, smooth and striking appearance.

A honed stone finish is perfectly suited to use in bathrooms, kitchens and utilities such as the floor in this property. Some feel that a honed tile also creates a unique, even surface that works to highlight the natural look of a tile.

It is also believed that honed limestone floors are more practical and better suited to high traffic areas of a property.

Stone Finishes BerkshireWe have heavily invested in best-available stone restoration machinery and use our in-depth knowledge to carefully select the best product formulations to work in conjunction with this.

We have built up a well-respected local reputation for providing superior finishes and exceptional customer service. This pays testament to our skilled technicians who have a clear passion for stone floor restoration.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer for stone floors, stone worktops and other stone products within your home or business we invite you to call our helpful staff on 0800 695 7770.

Our client was incredibly pleased with the results that we achieved and commented on our professionalism.

Stone Polishing Wokingham

Stone Types WokinghamIt is great to see that home owners are increasingly finding creative and individual ways of incorporating natural stone into the design of their homes. It is a far superior flooring material, held in high regard. This is because its’ unique characteristics and durability.

It is inevitable that daily usage will leave stone tiles marred. Our specialist stone cleaning and restoration processes are tailored to offer hygienically clean, polished stone flooring. Specialized product formulations are imperative. The effect of different chemical compounds vary, depending on different stone types.

Limestone Tiles BerkshireEmploying the services of our professional provision will avoid any damage to your striking stone and usage of best-available products will positively complement our stone polishing process. This was certainly the case with this limestone polishing job that we completed in Berkshire.

Our industrial equipment enabled us to achieve the highest possible shine. Stone polishing leaves natural stone floors much more hard-wearing and durable than an untreated stone tile. The stone finish is resistant against dirt, grit and liquid and leaves the floor protected against corrosive factors.

Stone Types BerkshireThe natural beauty of this limestone floor was revealed; our client wanted a high-sheen finish. This forms part of our superior services in that we are able to tailor our approach to ensure that your exact look is achieved. Tastes are individual and it is important that your stone floor boasts your preference.

The result is a chemically hardened and sealed, attractive floor. Detailed knowledge of the intricacies of stone floor polishing is a definite requirement when approaching restoration projects. Correctly managed, this process will leave you with a reduction in maintenance and a beautiful floor.

If you have any questions about restoring limestone tiles we invite you to call us on 0800 695 7770.

Marble Polishing Berkshire

Marble Floor Cleaning BerkshireIt is important that if you want to succeed in business that you think carefully about how you present yourself, the level of service that you offer and the care you offer each and every customer. This forms our ethos for Able Stonecare UK and it has enabled us to build up a well-respected local reputation.

We were invited to fully restore these marble tiles in Berkshire. Our client loved the colouration of her marble floor but she was becoming increasingly frustrated with the dull appearance of her stone flooring.

She had invested a lot of time and effort into identifying the best available stone cleaning products but felt that they fell short of her expectations.

On inspection of the stone floor we offered information and advice that enabled our client to make a well-informed decision. She decided that she really wanted a high gloss shine to her marble flooring.

Marble Tiles BerkshireWe discussed how this would be achieved and once the quotation was accepted, arranged a convenient start date to complete the work.

Our industrial machinery, trade-strength eco-friendly product formulations and experience allow us to approach every job with confidence. This tiled floor was thoroughly cleaned and then the tiles were ground with our stone polishing machinery until the desired finish was achieved. The marble was then fully sealed so that it could stand the test of time. We offer comprehensive services that offer value for money.

If you would like to find out more about the stone restoration services that we offer we invite you to call 0800 695 7770. Our clients were really pleased with what felt like a new marble floor to them. We hope you agree that there was a true transformation here. We take great pride in our work.